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Calcium Silicate Product Manufacturer

Founded in 1988, and restructured in 2002, the Laizhou Bornder Fire-proof Board Company Ltd. is a specialized Chinese calcium silicate product manufacturer. We primarily produce our calcium silicate insulating slab, high strength calcium silicate insulation slab, fireproof calcium silicate products, high purity calcium silicate products, calcium silicate insulation coating, among other related products. With an annual production capability of 80,000 cubic meters, we are a leading manufacturer of calcium silicate products in Asia, and we provide our quality materials to customers all over the world.

    1. Calcium Silicate Insulating Slab
    2. B100-27 Calcium Silicate Insulating SlabDue to the considerable merits of high heat resistant temperature, great adiabatic performance, small bulk density, high specific strength, excellent durability and easy processing for construction, the calcium silicate insulating slab is widely used as insulation lining of fire resistant construction in the industries of glass, steel, cement, ceramics, electric power plant ...
    1. High Strength Insulation Board for Steel Ladle
    2. High Strength Insulation Board for Steel LadleThe high strength insulation board for steel ladle is non-toxic and non-asbestos. Its heat insulation effect is excellent. It won't release harmful gas during the process of heating. With low thermal conductivity, the product has the properties of high temperature resistance and high pressure endurability. It's mainly used in the equipment of steel ladle, foundry ladle ...
    1. High Strength Calcium Silicate Insulation Slab
    2. High Strength Calcium Silicate Insulation SlabThe high strength calcium silicate insulation slab features high strength, excellent heat insulation performance, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and high pressure endurability. It is non-toxic and non-asbestos. There is no harmful gas coming out when the high strength insulation slab is heated. The product is often used as the insulation lining ...
    1. Calcium Silicate Fire Door Core
    2. Calcium Silicate Fire Door CoreThe calcium silicate fire door core of our company is designed as the core material especially for the steel and wood fire doors with the fire resistance rating of 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes. With the properties of high heat resistant temperature, low thermal conductivity, small bulk density and high specific strength, the product performs excellent in the aspect of heat ...
    1. Calcium Silicate Fire Door Components
    2. Calcium Silicate Fire Door ComponentsThe calcium silicate fire door component is the new substitute for doorframe material of fire door. It doesn't contain asbestos and won't release toxic and harmful gas and smog under high temperature. The product has high strength and performs excellent in heat insulation and fire protection. It can be processed and cut according to user's need.
    1. High Pure Calcium Silicate Modular Bricks and Blocks
    2. High Pure Calcium Silicate Modular Bricks and BlocksThe high pure calcium silicate modular brick and block has been the preferred mould material in industries of lens making and glass crafts. It can be further processed easily into mold to satisfy differnent production needs and it can be used repeatedly. With the maximum working temperature of 1000℃, the mold made of this kind of material can meet the quality requirements ...

With a full grasp of the concept that product quality is vital to our success, we have instituted a specialized quality inspection team. All raw materials entering our plant must pass inspection by random sampling test, and every production step, from raw material acquisition through manufacturing to finished product packaging and delivery, is monitored and tracked in detail by an appointed QC staff member. Our strict attention to quality control and use of advanced production technology results in our low rejection rate. We also have cooperative relationships with such institutions as Canadian technical, China Building Material Science Research Institute, and the Sichuan Fire Research Institute of Public Security Ministry, which enable us to stay at the forefront of new developments in the calcium silicate products industry.

We have long-term relationships with multiple material suppliers, all of which are in compliance with China's quality standards. As our materials are purchased directly from suppliers, our production quantity, quality, and schedule can be assured. Large-scale, long-term purchasing from suppliers also enables us to acquire raw materials for our calcium silicate insulating slab, high strength calcium silicate insulation slab, etc. at reduced rates. We also utilize unique production equipment, specifically three pieces of milling processing equipment, 15 CNC high temperature and high pressure reaction vessels with large volume of 30 cubic meters, and so on. Each of our staff members also undergoes strict preliminary training, as well as routine technology assessments, which creates a competitive atmosphere and assures high efficiency. As a result, we can offer our high quality products such as fireproof calcium silicate products and calcium silicate insulation coating at reduced prices.

Located in Jiaodong Peninsular, our company is 180 kilometers from the Qingdao Port, 180 kilometers from the Yantai Port, and 130 kilometers from the Qingdao airport. Meanwhile, south of us lies the Weihai-Wuhai Highway, to the north is the Yantai-Weifang class I highway, and the Dalailong railway is also nearby. Most of our suppliers are also located in Jiaodong Peninsular. Our geographical location provides advantages of convenient transportation and a minimum degree of logistics cost. Due our high quality products and economical shipping options, Bornder calcium silicate products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Canada, America, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and more.